Well, this is coming along.  About two years ago, Eastwood and I were bantering back and forth via snail mail & the Book of Face.  I sketched the first SingleSpeed AssAssins! Club logo on his envelope and he posted that the sketch would be badass on a jersey / shirt / whatever.....and it happened.

We printed five jerseys, all of em' going to good friends.  Then the idea got shelved for awhile.  Then a new idea came up...and got shelved again.  Well, with some free time in the schedule, I have started hammering out the details again.  Hopefully before it gets shelved again.

I want another cycling jersey....but I want something looser.  Maybe one of the downhill versions, maybe a "work shirt"....something that doesn't make the beer gut so prominent.

Wanna know more?  Wanna put in your opinion?  Stay tuned in by visiting www.singlespeedassassinsclub.com!
Southern Super D Series 2016
There was less drawing and more organizing yesterday after Matt Adams sent me the news on how his mountain bike race series to expanding.  I changed the look around on this simple site with a new background image and a new-for-2016 logo.  There will be even more changes coming as he gather sponsors for the coming season!